By: Lauren Davis

La Paz, Bolivia

In La Paz, Bolivia their fag has green, red, and yellow. The red represents their brave soldiers, the green represents fertility, and the yellow represents the nations mineral deposits. Bolivia has the highest city in the world, Bolivia has high plateaus this includes the Andes mountains. The local languages that the Bolivians speak is mainly Spanish, but there are more than 36 current languages in Bolivia. Such as, Quecha, Leco, and Aymara. In Bolivia their money costs about .14 cents in US dollars. The population in Bolivia is about 10.7 million (2013) but in 1960 the population was 3.4 million the population rate has changed 219% in the last 50 years. Popular foods in Bolivia include api served with hot pastel ( thin fried pastry) , satteñas (juicy meat pie), sausage, and chanká de polio (chicken stew). The type of government that Bolivia has is Republic; the current president there is Evo Morales. There are lots of tourists sites in Bolivia including Tiwanaka, The Wiphala, and the June Solstice. The education in Bolivia is not very good;over 1 million fifteen year olds are unable to read. The majority of Bolivians are not able to access secondary schools.