Pennies For Patients

Its Now or Never

February 18-March 7

Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 9pm

700 E Anapamu St

Santa Barbara, CA

Pennies for Patients foundation collects spare change from students all across the country. They use the money to aid thousands of children and adults in the fight of blood cancers such as Leukemia and Lymphoma. There are currently 15.6 million people with those types of cancers. Kids are most likely to get it. The symptoms are fever, night sweats, headaches, bruising, bleeding, bone or joint pain, swollen belly, infections, tired and weak, and losing weight. The life expectancy is 5 years after diagnoses, some of the treatments can be radiation and chemo therapy. Some causes for it can be radiation or exposure to chemicals. People can get it genetically but not hereditary. This is a horrible and deadly disease that take so many lives. There is no real cure so we need every penny to start saving more lives.

There Is Hope!!!

You have 3 weeks to make a change!!! If everyone donates $1.50 we could have as a school $3000. Small donation boxes will be delivered to every class. Please donate, every penny counts.