South Carolina

The Plametto State By Owen

Welcome to South Carolina!

South Carolina's state capital is Columbia. South Carolina was the 8th state to be created in the USA. it was the 8th state. There state fruit is peaches. Nikki Haley is the governor of South Carolina.
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In 1663 the British king gave them a large chunk of land to them. Most People who came to South Carolina were from England and France.

South Carolina's Land

Their land is the most prettiest land in the country. It is 30,207 square miles long. Their highest point is Sassafras Mountain. It is 3,560 feet tall. The most popular rivers are Savannah river and Dee Peer river. They have over 300 golf courses.

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More than 4,000,000 people live in South Carolina. A lot of people that fought in the Revolutionary war were from South Carolina. They also play basketball. These are some famous people Mary McLeod Bethune, John C. Calhoun, Robert Mills, and Joe Frazier the famous Boxing Champion.;
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South Carolina one of the poorer states. They mane job is farming. Other jobs they can do is fishing, making goods, building. They also grow the tallest crops.


There sports are football, basketball, and baseball. They are one of the best teams to play Basketball.