The Honshu Wolf

By Lauren Dinh

Scientific name

The scientific name for the Honshu Wolf is Canis lupus hodophilax
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Discovery and Extinction

Discovered: 1839

Extinction: 1905

Biogeographical Data

Location: Japanese islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu

Initial population size: no specific number, but stated that there was an abundant amount

Ecology: They are known to prey on animals larger than them and farmers liked them around because they ate the pests that ruined their crops.

Behavior: There is no information about their behavior

Causes of Extinction

They became extinct due to rabies, deforestation of the wolves habitat, and conflict with humans.
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Ecological effects on the extinction

After the Honsu Wolf becaome extinct, there was a rapid increase in the deer population

Actions that could have prevented the extinction

Humans could have hunted their kind less and worry more about keeping the forest abundant.


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