Global warming

Zac Candler, Quentin Phillips, Mia Wainwright

What is global warming?

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the earths atmosphere and oceans since the late 19 century.

Causes of global warming

  • Carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuel burning power plants.
  • Carbon dioxide emission from burning gasoline for transportation.
  • Methane emission from animal s and agriculture.
  • Increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on crop lands.

Effects of global warming?

  • Rises in sea levels worldwide.
  • More killer storms.
  • Massive crop failures.
  • Widespread extinction of species.
  • Disappearance of coral reefs.

Locations where effects of global warming are evident

The Greenland and antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass. NASA's data shows Greenland has lost 36-60 cubic miles of ice and antarctic has lost about 36 cubic miles of ice.

How global warming relates or affects Virginia beach

Virginia is exposed to natural storms like flooding and hurricanes. With global warming causing more deadly storms, every storm that hits will be more devastating over time.