round goby aka neogobius melanostomus

Birth Place

The round gobies are found in Eurasia, Black sea and Caspin sea

Physical Description

Round gobies are similar to native sculpin and tube nose goby. Adult round gobies are 10 to 25 cm in length and have mottled gray, olive green, and brown markings. Their top fin may appear greenish color and it lacks spins. They have raised eyes, fused pelvic fins that form suction disk, and grows to a length of up to 17.8 cm in us waters.

Method Of Transportation

The round goby got transported by the European ship. They stick to birds.

Last seen

The round goby was last seen in the great lakes


Affect fishery and general ecosystem. They eat the eggs of native fish and zebra mussels. Aggressively strip the hooks of bait fisherman.


Prohibiting transport of round goby for use as live bait may limit spread.
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