Superintendent Update

From the Office of Dr. Christina Hinds

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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Dear Wayland Union Schools Families,

On Monday night I wrote to you about the horrendous incident at Oxford High School and today I would like to share additional information and resources with you. Schools across Michigan have been experiencing threats since the OHS incident occured. We, too, have received threats. Each is being actively investigated by the school and by the Wayland City Police Department. If there was an immediate threat or an emergency, parents would be contacted immediately. At this time, investigations are in progress and nothing has been substantiated.

We need your help to keep our schools safe. Please discuss the following topics with your child(ren):

Thank you in advance for your help in keeping our schools safe. If you have weapons at home, please ensure they are locked and inaccessible to your child(ren). Project ChildSafe offers free gun locks. Please seek out this resource if it applies to you: Project ChildSafe.

Wayland Union Schools will continue to do our part in promoting school safety. WUS employs a full-time District Safety Officer. We provide training and drills for all emergencies. We work collaboratively with all local law enforcement agencies, including Wayland City Police, Wayland State Police, Gun Lake Tribal Police, and Allegan County Sheriff’s Department. We have staff trained in crisis response and staff available to support our students.

Again, the threats we have received are being investigated and have not been substantiated. If we have reason to believe our students are not safe to be at school, you will be notified immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, I will be at Bell’s Colonial Kitchen in Dorr tomorrow morning (Friday, December 3rd) at 8:30am. I have office hours each Tuesday at 10am and Thursdays at 2pm. Additionally, I can be reached at or you may contact Dawn Stein at to schedule an appointment.

In partnership with you for the well-being of our students,

Dr. Christina Hinds