Amoeba assassinus

This new species of amoeba is very dangerous

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Kingdom: Protoctists

Phylum: Amoebozoa

Class: Tubulinea

Order: Tubulinida

Family: Amoebidae

Genus: Amoeba

Species: Amoeba asesinus

How does it kill?

This type of amoeba is killing a lot of people in a village of Spain, it was discovered in Zaragoza, Aragón but it is spreading all over Spain. People say that if you save your life, is like a miracle, but if you die,it is a fast death.

Why is this amoeba here?

The scientists think that this amoeba is here because of the murderers who were trying to kill president Rajoy, it could be in their weapons. But this amoeba is very infectious”: it “knew that it can do more than that, and now, it is out of control, spreading and infecting lots of people.