I have been pitching as long as I can remember, and trust me it wasn’t easy, it took hard work focus and dedication. So for all the kids that want to pitch, because you think it is easy, don’t bother taking my advice, just go and try it. Those that want to be the best pitcher of all time, You got a long road of hard work.


If you want to be a pitcher you can’t just start pitching, you need to train, like doing pitching drills. (EX:Grab a rag and start snapping the rag with your wrist) learn different pitches like curve balls, fastballs, sinkers, and more different pitches. After that then you can began to practice on the mound. you also need to be mentally trained befor you start(EX: Eat healthy , work hard, work out, and stay fit)


If you want to start pitching you need to get comfortable pitching downhill, because when you get on the mound it will feel like pitching downhill. So you need to practice pitching on a mound. You can pitch down a real hill, you might even need to get a mound, whatever it takes to learn how to pitch on a mound. Also remember that the catcher is smaller then you when you pitch, So think of the catcher at the bottom of the hill.

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Foot against the mound

When you are pitching you need to try at all times, when you get in the wind up, to put as much wait as can on your back foot, it helps allot when your bringing your body and momentum forward. It also helps when you are in the wind up, But always remember that if you want to pick somebody off at a base, you need to be in the wind up and you need to put your back foot be hide the mound, and then throw the ball to the base.

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Knee up

When you are ready to throw the ball you need to get your front nee up as high as you can. Trust me this is one of the most important thing there is about pitching, it pervades power and strikes at the same time. it is also kind of hard to keep your balanse, so start doing drills. (EX: try to keep your knee up for 60 seconds)

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Follow through

After you get your knee up, there is one more thing you need to do, and that is fallow through, when you fallow through all of your wait comes forward bringing power an accuracy. also when you fallow through you will be ready just in-case the ball is hit to you. And if it is hit to you im pretty shore you don't want to get hit.

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M.l.b all-star pitchers

Now if you think about all of the pitchers in the M.L.B. and you think you are never going to be like and be as good as Sandy Colfax, but guess what, they get walks, they get balls, and they mess up and a lot and they do bad, But the thing that makes them happy and shrug it off, is there doing what they love to do, even if there struggling, they never stop swinging for the fences. Because if you stop swinging for the fences, you lose the game and you will never get better.

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Tips and Saftey

When you are pitching you always want to be aware of your arm and its power. so what I would do is, go out and get and arm sleeve, it keeps your arm warm and Healthy. Also if you are a kid remember you need to bat, so always where batting gloves, and fielding glove. And always ware good cleats. GOOD LUCK ALL STAR.


Now since you are an approved all-star pitcher I need to ask you 2 questions, 1 are Shure that you are the best pitcher you can be, and 2 how long did it take to get here where your standing in life write know, and let me ask you, was it easy.