Ernest Hemingway

By Jessyka Deleon

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Interesting Facts

1) Ernest had such a tolerance for alcohol, drinking from dusk to dawn, he never experienced a real hangover.

2) For some odd reason Ernest loved cats with six toes, or as he referred to as, "six toed beasts."

3) In his lifetime, Ernest Hemingway survived 2 plane crashes.

4) He once bet some of his peers that he could write a "compelling" story in only six words.

5) He just so happened to win the bet above. The story was: "For Sale: baby shoes. Never worn."

6) Hemingway loved to go deep sea fishing.

7) Ernest also liked hunting sharks.

8) This man also wrote some of the best prose (stories written/ spoken in ordinary form) seen in the English language.

9) When he was younger his mother, Grace Hall-Hemingway, dressed as if he were a young girl.

10) Ernest had four wives.

11) Ernest also had three children, all boys.

12) He is a very famous writer, not all his books were a success.

13) He enlisted as a World War I ambulance driver.

14) Hemingway received two Nobel Awards, one year after the other.

15) He committed suicide in Idaho.

16) Ernest was one of the many six children his mother had.

17) Hemingway was 61 years old when he committed suicide.

18)He had an phenomenal impact on the 20th century with his writing.

19) He was born on July 21, 1899.

20) He died on July 2, 1961.

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