Sioux County 4-H Newsletter

June 2015

Make the Best Better Essay Contest Winner

And the winner is... Emily Parker! All of the youth did an EXCELLENT job and our judge had a very hard time picking. Below is Emily's essay. The other essays can be found at

Make the Best Better Essay

By Emily Parker

If someone were to ask me what I'm going to do this summer, I would say "A lot of things!" But one of the specific things I would say would be "Working on my 4-H projects!"

I do quite a few 4-H projects, but out of all of my projects, I enjoy cooking the most. Another thing that I enjoy that is non-4-H related is reading books and writing stories.

Last year for 4-H I made Baking Powder Biscuits, and I also made M&M Granola Bars, and I got purple ribbons for both my entries.

I like cooking for a lot of reasons. One of them is that cooking is really simple. With just basic ingredients you can find lots of recipes and make a wide variety of food! Another reason I like cooking is because you can see your creations come to life really fast. I also enjoy cooking because anyone can do it! (well, almost anyone!)

I've learned ever so much since I started cooking! Some of the things that I've learned is not to mistake baking powder for baking soda! I remember a recipe that called for one of those ingredients (I don't remember what I was baking) and mistaked those two and had to throw away all my dry ingredients. Those two are so hard to tell apart! I've also learned that when you bake cookies you stir in the ingredients by hand, but when you bake bars you mix the ingredients with a mixer. I remember a time when I was still a beginner. I was baking cookies and I accidentally mixed my dry ingredients with a mixer instead of stirring them by hand. I was very surprised when my cookie dough came out batter instead of dough! But I think that when you cook or bake that you don't just learn from your mistakes but you also learn how to use the necessary equipment like a oven, mixer, or a stove.

My goals for baking is to not make my granola bars so dry, and I would like to learn how to use honey, and to use fruit in my baking. My goals for my non-baking projects are, for sewing that I would like to clip all my threads on my sewing projects, and for gardening I would like to grow a small garden, and for robotics I would like to build a simple robot.

You can have all sorts of careers that are baking-related, but as I said earlier I enjoy writing stories, so I would like to be a writer some day. But I really do enjoy cooking and baking, so if I were to have a job that was baking-related, I would like to open my own bakery and write stories about the recipes I use.

Sioux County Open Horse Judging

Monday, June 8th, 8am

Sioux County Fairgrounds

Join us for the 3rd Annual Sioux County Open Youth Horse Judging presented by Nebraska Extension and the Sioux County 4-H Council. We will kick the day off with a morning clinic presented by clinicians Kelsey Tramp, Mercedes Powers, and Erin Smith. The clinicians will teach about evaluating Quarter Horses, Arabians, and Paints, as well as judging trail classes. In the afternoon, there will be a contest featuring classes of the three breeds and a trail class. This will be a great opportunity for those youth interested in horses and honing their decision making skills.

Awards will be presented for the first four places in each division (junior, intermediate, and senior) with first place receiving a custom bronc halter made by Dally Up Saddleshop. This year’s competition will also include an adult division. There will be jackpot prizes for the top four places in the adult division with first also receiving a gift certificate from Hiebert Equine Massage.

The horse judging is open to all youth ages 8-18 by January 1st, 2015 and adults. There will be an entry fee of $10 for all youth and adults participating in the competition. Adults who are not competing may attend for free.

The Sioux County Open Horse Judging will be held at the Sioux County Fairgrounds north of Harrison, NE. Registration will run from 8:00-8:45 am and the clinic will start at 9:00 am. Concessions will be available on site, but participants are welcome to bring their own lunch. Water will be provided, but please come prepared for a day in the sun, as the judging will be held outdoors. For more information contact Nebraska Extension Assistant Marlena Griesse at 308-668-2428 or

Trail Clinic and Ranch Horse Practice

Wednesday, June 24th, 10am

Sioux County Fairgrounds

Get Your Geek On - The Science of Superheroes

Thursday, June 25th, 10am-3pm


Register by June 19th.
Open to youth entering grades K-12.
Please pack a lunch.
Program Fee: $10

John Buhr, Jordan Buhr, Morgan Staudenmaier, Megan Comstock, and Michael Comstock all did a great job at the Western Livestock Challenge!

Premier Animal Science Event

Sunday, June 28th, 8am to Tuesday, June 30th, 3pm

Lincoln, NE, United States

Lincoln, NE

Please let the Extension Office know by June 12th if you are interested in participating. PASE is open to youth ages 12-18 by Jan. 1.

PASE Contests
Livestock Judging
Livestock Skill-a-Thon
Livestock Quiz Bowl
Meats for Consumers
Poultry Judging

Life Challenge Contests
Child Development Challenge
Entrepreneurship Challenge
Food & Nutrition Challenge
Healthy Living Skill-a-Thon