Salvia Divinorum "Salvia"

By: Sam Dibilio


Salvia Divinorum, or salvinorin, also known as the sage of the diviners, street named Salvia, is a psychoactive plant that can induce visions and other altered and/or spiritual experiences. Salvia has been previously used strictly during spiritual healing processes to clear the conscious. Salvia Divinorum is a drug that can be crushed up and smoked several different ways such as through a bong, pipe or joint, just like marijuana and has a ‘trip’ only lasting about 3-5 minutes. While inhaling and experiencing Salvia divinorum, your actions do not correspond with what you think you were doing in your mind. Being a non-addictive drug with very little to no side-effects, a small number of people have reported that salvia has given them headaches, irritated lungs and insomnia after inhaling salvia. Rehab is not common for this drug. These effects are believed to be the cause of combustion products that are inhaled when smoking any plant material, and not so much by salvia. No effects have been negative otherwise.
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