Water Cycle

by Kali G

What is percipitation?

Precipitation means water that falls to the earth from the sky. When it falls it could be snow, sleet, rain, or hail. or it could just be rain.

What is groundwater?

Groundwater means water running underground. After the water has done a runoff. It goes underground.

What does runoff mean?

Runoff is when water is running down a mountion. And either goes to a ocean, a lake, a stream or a river or it could go into the ground and turn into groudwater. When water falls from the sky it might not always be water it could be snow, hail sleet or it could just be rain.

What does evaperation mean?

Evapeation means water that goes into the air. The water that goes into the air is called evaperation or you can call it water vapor.You can not see the water when it goes to the air.