Terrorism is evil

What is terrorism?

Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims .

The problem

Terrorism is not only a threat to national security but to the people of the nation. Radicalized people who have pledged allegiance to ISIS are right now our biggest threat. They pledge allegiance over the internet and go and do something to praise Jihad. Its a problem because they are home grown terrorist that we don’t know who is and when they are going to strike.

Some attacks

Preventing Terrorism

In my opinion to stop or prevent terrorism is to increase our border security. With that we need to be picky and choosy with who we let in because we don't know who could be a terrorist. And another way is to stop their recruiting system like the internet and shut down ISIS accounts on the internet. And lastly shut down where they’re coming from pound and pound until the group is destroyed.


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