Oddessy Soccer

6th Grade Wheel Period 3

I consider Odyssey my second family. We have been with each other through the up's and down's, and not just soccer. Our team knows how to have fun, but also when to work hard and try our best. Mistakes are okay: we learn from them. But we never go out onto the soccer field and wing it. We have worked extremely hard finding are place in the world that would give us a challenge. Our team found ourselves in the Lake Highlands league in division one working our way to the top at #4 very soon in the season. This presented itself far from easy. Every Tuesday and Thursday we leave practice sweat covering our face and probably as pleasant as a skunk. This league is so special because it is the number one league in the metroplex. I am a defender and I defend with Lilia, Lucy, Molly, and Taylor. When we find ourselves behind the ball, I can always rely on our goalkeeper Zoe to save the day. Our midfielders and forwards our Ashton, Claire, Jamie, Mallory, Brooke, Abby, Alicia, Avery, and Meme. We have had 4 games so far in the season and won all of them accept for one in witch we tied.