The John F Kennedy Assassination

Just One of The Many Theories on JFK's Death

John F Kennedy's Assassination

John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald while driving by the Dallas School Board Depository in a parade, to rally support for the upcoming elections. John was shot with a Mauser rifle that Lee Harvey Oswald bought throught mail. Lee's criminal charge wasn't for killing the president but for killing a Dallas police officer 45 minutes later.


Some of the similarities of presidential threats of today and JFK's death is that there is always a risk of being assassinated as a president. Today president Obama gets about 12,000 threats every year. JFK got threats through mail today Obama is getting threats on social media and through mail


Some of the differences of presidential threats today and JFK's death were that JKF got less threats, but he was killed sooner, where Obama gets many more threats and nothing has happened yet. Today, the threats that Obama get on social media are monitored by Secret Service Agents so they are always on alert. When JFK was getting threats through mail the Secret Service couldn't monitor the people as much as they can today
Kennedy Assassination