World Religion Project: Judaism

By: Henry Morones, Isabella Garcia, Daniel Rangel

1.What is the most important belief in this religion.

We think the Ten Commandments are the most important belief in the religion because these commandments are telling them how to live their life

The 10 commandments:

2. Why do they believe that?

3. What makes the believers want to follow the teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

They want to follow it because of the 10 commandments because the 10 commandments are a good way of life.

4. How do extremists in judaism justify their actions against nonbelievers ?

Extremists used verses in the bible to justify their violent acts.

5.Current event

in Rockland County, jews who send their children to private schools, of starving the public schools in favor of the private school. The school board said that it was the state that was starving the district. it caused a cut of 200 teachers, a full day to half a day of kindergarden and shrinking the chance to play sports.

They still think its the district, but they want more money to pay for the schools problems.

7. song or poem from the religion

Hava Nagila -this song relates to judaism because its talking about bar and bat mitzvahs and on celebrations they play this song. its also talking about getting together and being excited

hava nagila- lets rejoice

hava nagila- lets rejoice

hava nagila ve-nismeha- lets rejoice and be happy

hava neranenah- lets sing

hava neranenah- lets sing

hava neranenah ve-nismeha- lets sing and be happy

uru,uru ahim!- awake, awake, brother!

uru ahim be-lev sameah- awake brothers with a happy heart

uru ahim, uru ahim- awake, brothers, awake, brothers

be-lev ameah- with a happy heart

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