Patrick Henry Post

May 13th, 2022

Updates from the Garden

A New Addition to the Garden

Have you been to the Patrick Henry Garden recently? Lots of changes are taking place! First, we have an amazing new addition to the garden - a mural painted by a local artist team from BJC Community Outreach! The design is not finished yet, but the in progress shots are already so promising and we cannot wait to see the final product!! Take a look out back to see the changes on our garden wall.

Welcome, Farmer Jim!

We had a real life farmer come to visit Patrick Henry to assist us in the garden this week! Farmer Jim lives in Southern Illinois and grows hundreds of vegetables every single year. He is very knowledgeable about tools, plants, and growth cycles, so he helped several of our classes plant our remaining garden beds. This week, we planted tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, wild flowers, and sunflowers. We will watch in awe as our garden grows around us and produces delicious vegetables! Thank you so much for your help, Farmer Jim!
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Beautiful Ballet

Congratulations, Students from Ms. Versen and Ms. Teska!

Our first graders have been working incredibly hard this semester to learn a brand new sport and skill set: ballet! Both classes get to experience a true ballet lesson once a week from a real life ballerina! This week, they had their culminating performance, and they danced so beautifully. It was not only special to watch their final performance, but they also gave us a demonstration of all of the skills they have learned (and all of the moves are in French!). Watching our students shine was so exciting, and we could not have been prouder! Thank you to our positive audience members, who made flowers for the students after their performance concluded.
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Flash Mob!

Congrats, Team Versen!

Ms. Versen's class was chosen to participate in this year's St. Louis Public Schools FLASH MOB in Forest Park. Students got to go to the new Nature Playscape in Forest Park to participate in a massive dance with other students from all around the district. Mrs. Ralphs led them in learning the dance and practicing for the big day, and they made it so much fun!!
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Reading Champions

Congratulations, Patrick Henry Students!

Because our students performed SO WELL on their STAR Reading and Math Assessments, we are treating everyone to a whole school field trip to the St. Louis Zoo! We love that our students work so hard every single day to become better readers and to develop their skills. Congratulations to all of our hard workers, and we cannot wait to see you at the St. Louis Zoo!!

Parents, if you have not signed your child's permission slip yet, please make sure it is signed before next week so your child can attend this amazing field trip experience!

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Twinning continues...

We STILL have twins showing up to work every single day around here! When will this mystery end???
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Christmas in May for Ms. Jones

Thank you, Ms. Jones, for all of the hard work you do all over the school to build new items, put things together, fix issues, and take care of everything that everyone needs. As a special treat, Ms. Jones received a new school drill to take care of even more fun projects in the months ahead!

Biking Program for Afterschool Students

Our students enrolled in after school care are about to get a sweet treat for the last few weeks of school. They are learning about bike care and safety and at the end of their program, they will walk away with a brand new bike fitted to their specific size! They will learn about the biking community of St. Louis, the way a bike works, and how to ride a bike safely throughout the neighborhood. We are already so excited to see their knowledge growing!