Teddy the Trust-Buster!

He Busts the Trusts.

Teddy the Trust-Buster


Oil Monopoly Destroyer

Henry Lloyd, or Oil Monopoly Destroyer, is Teddy the Trust-Buster's sidekick. He wrote articles that helped lead to the defeat of trusts. Lloyd especially targeted the Standard Oil Company. By writing his anti-trust articles, he helped Teddy the Trust-Buster bust those trusts!

Super Monopoly Co.

Super Monopoly Co. is Teddy the Trust-Buster's nemesis. It is made up of all the trusts and monopolies of the early 20th century, including Standard Oil Co. and U.S. Steel. It got it's name from being such a huge company and by monopolizing certain products. It is so evil because it monopolizes products such as oil, it can charge people whatever it wants because of the lack of competition, and it doesn't allow for the creation of small businesses. Super Monopoly Co. is evil because it practically controls the entire economy, and through manipulation, controls politics as well.

Teddy the Trust-Buster VS Super Monopoly Co.

While battling Super Monopoly Co., Teddy used the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to defeat the trusts of the early 20th century. Although the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was originally useless, Teddy used it to break apart the Northwest Railroad monopoly. This was a great victory in the battle against trusts.

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