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December 2017

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

I love the Christmas season and all of the Christmas songs. It’s a festive time of the year for everyone. When I think of Jesus coming to this earth as a baby in a manger, it causes me to stop and humbly bow before Him. He was born into a dark and dangerous world to bring Light and Hope for all of humanity. What a Savior! Thank you, Jesus!

Who would ever have thought we’d still be on this ball of mud at this late hour? I can feel the earth coming apart at the seams. The political world is in chaos, the social world is a diseased mess, and the religious world is a money hungry empire that takes but gives very little. Then there’s us, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Last month I asked if we were going to “Curse the darkness or light a candle?” Did you answer? If you said; “Light a candle” then I want to ask how your life and church will be different in the New Year? How will you help bring “light” into the darkness? If we continue doing what we have always done and expect anything to change, well, nothing is going to change. I’m signing up for “change.” Last month I mentioned that I’d share more details concerning changes that are coming to the office and our full-time pastoral employees.

First, the changes in the office: Elizabeth is leaving Martin and I as our outstanding Administrative Assistant. She is having a second child, and she and Michal decided it would be best for her to be at home during these formative years. Elizabeth has brought a smile and a willingness to do whatever it takes to her work every day. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside her. Her replacement, who will be trained by Elizabeth, is Amanda Robinson. Amanda comes with an attitude and skills that will help our office continue the trend that Elizabeth and others have blazed. We are blessed to have her join us. Peter Trzinski, our Ministerial Director, is returning to pastoring, he is looking outside of our conference but has not yet decided if he wants to leave GSC. We are holding an opening for Peter until he decides his next move. Peter has served as an outstanding Ministerial Director and has provided opportunities for our pastors to grow and succeed in their ministry. We are grateful for Peter’s service and contribution in blessing GSC.

We are removing the title and position of Ministerial Director and creating a new position titled; Vice President of Pastoral and Church Development. Brian Danese will lead out in this position, while he remains our Treasurer and giving reports to Executive Committee, BASS Board, and our Nursing Home Board. We are promoting Jerome Edmeade to Under Treasurer he will do most of the work with Treasury freeing up Brian to fulfill his new position. We also hired Brandon Robinson to take over Jerome’s old duties. Brandon will be a significant asset to Treasury. Whew! I know it’s a lot of changes, but we have to try something new. Freeing Brian to be out in the field with our pastors, helping them to stay on course, will incredibly benefit us tremendously. We believe we have to change our culture that has bred managers instead of entrepreneurial leaders. We want to bring back the Movement we were always meant to be.

Brian will sit down with 24 full-time pastors every quarter and talk about their plans for the next quarter. These plans will be followed until the next quarter visit. Accountability is the missing link in our leadership team. We are committed to supporting our pastors and helping them accomplish their goals in ministry. We feel we are in this together and together we can achieve so much more than if we were working in different directions. Martin and I are each taking two pastors to stay in touch with, so when we come together as an ADCOM team, we will also have experienced supporting our pastors.

One of our goals, beginning with the elders and others in the church family, is to work together with the pastors. We can team teach evangelism, participate in small groups, give Bible Studies, etc. We can impact our communities with an all-out gospel assault where more people are intentionally reached with the gospel than ever before. We aren’t just going to light a candle in the darkness we are going to light a forest fire!!

Accountability will measure work effort. If we work around the apple tree, pick weeds, fertilize and tend to the roots of the apple tree, we believe the tree will bear fruit.

2018 will be a year of renewed passion in reaching our communities for Christ. Plan on being a part of it, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. In closing out this year, I’m scheduled to team teach an evangelistic series in January with Pastor Dan Thompson at the Milton SDA Church. I can’t wait!!

May God direct our pathways and continue to guide us until He breaks the sky and returns as He promised.

I pray you will have a blessed New Year in 2018!

See you next year,

Pastor Dave

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Elders and Deacons Retreat December 1-3, 2017

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Sabbath School Training

Friday, Feb. 2nd 2018 at 6pm to Sunday, Feb. 4th 2018 at 11am

Camp Alamisco Road

Dadeville, AL

Come join us for Sabbath school training for every department!

Curtis Hall of Sabbath School Coaching will be presenting the Hit The Mark workshop for adult age classes.

An instructor from the Children's Ministry Department of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists will be presenting to children's Sabbath school instructors.

The cost for this event is $50.00 and includes meals and lodging at Camp Alamisco. You will need to bring your own linens and personal care items. Rooms will be assigned on a first come first serve basis in the lodge.

You can register and pay through this site (card processing fees will be included), or you can register here and mail in your payment to the Gulf States Conference at ATTN: Administration, 10633 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36117

Register Here:

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The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Gulf States from its Montgomery, Alabama, headquarters. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.