Career Project :)

By: Jennifer Ann

After Taking The Career Survey-

My top the job choices were:


-Human Resource Manager

-Curriculum Developer

My favorite job (out of these) was definitely Psychologist.

So, I Looked It Up

For a clinical psychologist I will have to.....

-Go to college for 8-12 years

-Get an undergraduate degree

-Get a doctoral degree

For a School Psychologist (my favorite) I will have to.....

-Go to college for 2-3 years

-Get a masters degree

Where can I go to school to become a School Psychologist???

UNC at Asheville, Wilkes Community College, and ASU all have courses for psychology.

What is a School Psychologist???

School Psychologists help kids succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Where can they work???

They can work at Public/Private Schools, Universities, school based mental health centers, private practice, and juvenile justice centers.

How much do they make???

Beginning School Psychologists make between $34,428 and $48,859 a year

Maximum pay for School Psychologist that has been working for a while