Sales Promotions

Premium Item Give-aways

An act or instance of giving something away. By giving things away that relate to the sport or team can encourage people to go to the game.

Contest & Sweepstakes

Contest- A competition between people for a prize.

Sweepstakes- An event where a people can win a prize but have to go through more promotional things.

These can get people to sign up for the contest or sweepstakes and they might have to sign up for a credit card or something like that, that is sponsored at the game.


Sampling is giving someone a little of something to pull them into want more. This can work with sports by giving people a discount on something so they buy more things.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

They are promotions that are placed where they can easily be seen by potential customers.

This can trigger impulse buying at games. People can see jerseys or other things in a window of a store and want to get it.

Special Events

They are events that don't occur often and help promote a team, company, or organization.

Having a hockey player coming to coach a camp can bring awareness not just to the player but to the organization he plays for.


Couponing is distributing discount coupons to promote a certain product.

This can encourage people to try something out and maybe even make them want to come back to a pro shop, sports game, etc.