10 Tech rules for parents

By: Sahil Sharma #26 7P

Rule #1

-On the go parents should not be texting or calling anyone because they should be focusing on the road.
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Rule #2

- Parents should not be texting and cooking because they could forget about the stove and could get on fire.

Rule #3

- Parents could get addicted with their phones, and lose connections with their children
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Rule #4

- Their health could be affected for example their eyes can result in straining and putting pressure on their eyes.

Rule #5

-They could get a text and if opened it could hack your account. For example if their Facebook is hacked, then they could hurt their social standings, and if their bacnk accounts got hacked then they could be in bankruptcy.

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Rule #6

-Parents should be monitoring there children and know what is going on in there school. With the use of their phones and technology they might start ignoring their children's school and social life.
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Rule #7

-Parents are modelling their children, but if you are a bad model then they will be too. For example if a parent uses technology a lot then their children might believe that using a lot of technology is good and can affect their school life.

Rule #8

- Parent might not know that they should be sharing photos online with people. If this happens the photo can be taken or changed out of context.
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Rule #9

-What you post online stays online forever and cannot be erased. If a parent puts up their own or their child's photos then they can be photoshoped and can humiliate the child or themselves.

Rule #10

-As a parent, they should make sure they know their childs password for safety and to know what is going on in their lives.
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Texting While Driving