Flash Animation

by Doan

Stop Motion Style

I figured since there are keys or "slots" for images, I could use it to put a picture in each key and make an animation. I realized this was the same as a stop motion animation. When I started, it was extremely excruciating drawing a stick figure and modifying every single detail on every key frame by erasing and redrawing. After finally watching a video about making a stop motion Flash animation, thing's were a bit easier. I could modify the little details of the stick figure I was drawing without having to redraw it or copy and paste. I messed around with the stick figure for a moment and came to the conclusion that it was much faster and neater if I used a picture online that I could work with. I found a picture of a walking person, showing their every movement (picture below).

Classic Tween

Using classic tween for Flash animations made my life so much easier. I did not have to modify or change the image of an object every key frame like for a stop motion animation. Instead, I let Flash do all the work for me. Using classic Tween made animations more smooth and clean. It made it look more like a real animation instead of the epileptic looking animation I made with the fireworks and walking person. All I had to do was set up the posture of the object on the first frame and at another frame I change it's posture again. Once I click "Create Classic Tween" Flash automatically determine the movement of the object from frame one to the other frame.

Layers. Layers Everywhere.

During my independent study on using Flash for .gifs and animations, I've learnt layering is very important. Especially if you are doing comic panels and having a new background in each panel, you must layer properly. I learnt the hard that that you must add a layer by clicking on the background that you are going to draw on first in order for the drawing to show up on it. Layers are very useful and must always be used even for the tiniest detail.

Adding Music

Adding music to your Flash animation is a very nice option to have. Although it does not work in certain files once exported, it is useful for actual short films done on Flash or longer animations. To say it in the simplest way, all you have to do to add music to your Flash animation is to copy and paste it onto a layer once exported to library. Music is suggested if you are making a movie in Flash.


I think this was a good choice for my independent study because I love making stop motion animations or any type of animation at all. I like being able to draw or be creative. It was fun, although a lot of work, making animations or .gif's. You could just use Flash for fun when you want to be creative or for an assignment or project. I think this will help me with making more fun .gif's in the future and post them on image sharing websites.