Chuck Yeager

The man who broke the sound barrier!

Chuck Background

  • had blue eyes and curly hair
  • born in 1923
  • his best friend was Homer Hager Jr.
  • he had 5 siblings
  • never saw a plane til 15
  • 2nd oldest out of 5 kids
  • played the trombone and tuba,also basketball
  • when he was younger he wanted to be a big army genral
  • his parents were Susie and Hal Sr.
  • J.D Smith advised him to be in the Air Corps
  • He enter flight school when he was 19
  • he went to Hamlin Elementary

Flying, Jobs, and Awards

  • he named aircraft and rockets that he flew after his wife Glennis
  • Chuck career began at Luke field in Arazona as a test pilot
  • then he was assinghed vto the 522nd school squadron at Victorville Army Base in Calofornia
  • chuck won the purple heart
  • Bronze star medal
  • sliver star
  • Distinguished flying cross
  • legion of merit
  • presidential medal of freedom
  • air force distinguished service medal
  • After the war he worked at Wright Feild in Dayton Ohio
Eighty-Nine Year Old Chuck Yeager • F-15 Eagle Honor Flight
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Other Cool Facts

  • Chuck is famous because he broke the speed of the sound barrier
  • Rules are for people who aren´t willing to make up there own
  • There is no such thing as a natural born pilot
  • J.D Smith is Chuck´s teachers dad
  • right now he is 92
  • one of his sisters,Doris Ann had died during infantry
  • they deticated a road to him that is called chuck Yeager road
  • he went to Air war college in Bangkok, Thailand
  • one hope for Chuck Yeager is that he wants to always be able to fly