Late 50's - Mid 70's , Emerging Today

The World

Submerged from New York to renounce previous art forms

Similarities to Hippie Culture - representing freedom of change & adventure


  • Berlin Wall
  • Man in Space
  • Andy Warhol
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • "I have a Dream Speech"
  • First mini skirt appears
  • Rolling Stones/The Beatles
  • Assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr & Robert F. Kennedy
  • Pregnancy Pill
  • Post WWII

This era was a wave of invention, rebellion and combat - lead to strong influences for younger artists

The Artwork

Minimalism = limited, simplicity in content and form

*Removed signs of emotion or recognized symbols - allowing freedom of intensity without distraction of theme, composition

Most often monochromatic (plain colors) surfaces such as shapes and backgrounds

No visible brush strokes or textures unless its focus

Aesthetic appeal due to sleek, geometric works (elegant, sophisticated)

Stood clear from Abstract Expressionism - strong contrast of technique, geometry

Steered away from traditional materials instead more industrial, commercial and manufacturing materials.

Color was not used to persuade feel and emotion but to indicate space (House paint rather than oil paint)


- New movement, people favored over dramatic art forms (going against, yet following this new trend)

- First came about, challenging authority

Gained so much interest that it moved into industrial uses such as buildings

Fascinating art form at the time, conveying so much from so little

The Artist

- Wave of influences, inspired many artists to question boundaries

- Distanced themselves from Abstract expressionism - removing narrative, symbols

Minimalists aimed to breakdown the distinctions between art and sculpture

Stayed away from traditional art materials - form of rebellion

Rejected the idea of art reflecting emotion from the artist - aimed for audience

Mark Rothko 1903- 1970 (Early Minimalism)

Russian, moved to New York

Not only artworks, he made the Rothko Chapel - in theme of minimalism

Him and Frank Stella are highly recognized in this art form

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