The 16th Prime Minister

by Harrison

Who is the 16 Prime Minister?

The 16 Prime Minister is Ben Chifley. Ben chifley die on the 13 June 1951,Canberra. Ben Chifley full name is Joseph Benedict Chifley. He have a wife name Elizabeth Gibson Chifley, she was born 1 august 1886 and she die on 9 september 1962 but Ben Chifley have no children. Ben Chifley been Prime Minister for 13 July 1945 until 19 december 1949. He and his wife were marry on the 6 June 1414,Glebe,Sydney

Ben chifley live

Ben Chifley parent were both of Irish Descent. His father, Patrick Chifley was a blacksmith and his mother was Mary Anne Corrigan.

He live and work at his grandfather farm at Limekilns near Bathurst until 13 year old. Then he spent 2 year at Patrician Brothers high school,barthurst 1899 until 1901, before starting a full time job in a store .

Ben Chifley and his wife

Ben Chifley jobs

Ben Chifley is an inspiration,he die on two day after he was re-lected leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party on 11 June 1951. He is a part of the parliament house.He is a part of the Labor party. He is a house of repreentative 6 Febrary 1929 until 19 december 1931. He also a leader of the opposition 19 december 1949 until 13 June 1951