Tarheels/ Team 1 Newsletter

April 24, 2015

Proctors Needed for End of Year Testing

We need 6 proctors each day from our Team for our testing days. The days will be June 2, 3, and 8. If you are able to help with any day we REALLY need your help. Please email Mrs. Pavese with your name and phone number included, as well as, the days you are available.
Thank you to the 1 parent who has volunteered so far!

End of Year Cookout! TIME CHANGE

Tentatively set for June 10th from 11-1.
Below is a list of items/contributions needed:
  • Parent volunteers
  • Pop up tents
  • Griller- we have the grill we just need someone who would be willing to grill the hot dogs.
  • Canned sodas
  • Water
  • Hot dogs
  • Buns
  • Condiments
  • cookies or Little Debbies
  • individual chips in bag
  • Slip-n-slide
  • Anyone willing to organize any other game/activity.

Media Survey Opportunity

The Library Needs Your Input!

The Catawba County Library has spent the last 10 months working in our strategic planning process, including gathering varied community input—from library staff and customers, a community planning committee, our city and county leadership, and from the overall community through interviews, public surveys, focus groups, and public forums.

We have DRAFT strategic plan that hopes to capture the combined input of the community and drive our plans for growing library services over the next years to best meet the needs of our community. Of course, with any strategic plan, many goals and objectives are dependent on funding and how we can best partner in the community to share resources and best accomplish these goals.

As a valued community member, we need your input! Please complete the survey linked below to let us know if we’re getting it right, or missing anything.

Also, please join us for a public forum to share your input on Thursday, April 30th at 7 pm at the Main Library in Newton – your opinion matters!


Fourth Quarter Reward Criteria for School Reward

Event: School Carnival

Date/Time: June 10th 1-3 p.m.

1) No majors

2) No more than 2 minors

3) No unexcused absences

4) No more than 2 unexcused tardies

5) No more than 1 zero per period on a classroom assignment/test/project

Academic Class Information

Language Arts

This week students took notes and used these to analyze Poetic Devices and Figurative Language in Lyrical Poetry. We examined devices found in popular music and discussed the identification and meaning behind each device.
Next Monday, students will be tested on these devices. The test will be similar to our activities completed in class this week.
Remember homework for the remainder of the year will include weekly BRAIN DRAINS. These can be accessed on my homepage under "7th Grade Documents".

Math Group Tutoring and Afterschool Help Sessions



Students have been analyzing triangles and exploring what it takes to make a triangle. They used pasta to determine if any 3 line segments would make a triangle. We have used theorems and algebraic equations to calculate missing angles of a triangle. We tested this week and will begin working with equations again in Ch. 8.

Students need to review and complete all homework daily. We have several more strands of the Standard Course of Study to complete so please encourage your student to be at school everyday.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies has found us comparing and contrasting the very different reasons colonists came to Jamestown, New Plymouth, and MA Bay/Cape Cod. We did a t-chart on the responsibilities of the landowner/joint stock company vs indentured servant, and a Venn Diagram of differences and similarities between indentured servants and slaves. We have explored the area called New England, discovering that while there are six NE states, there were only four ORIGINAL NE colonies. (Ask your student which two were not yet colonies but part of one of those four.) The class outlined the industries in this area, learning the importance of the ocean, as well as how those colonists took full advantage of their resources.

Then students drew another t-chart to categorize the extreme differences between the Pilgrims/Separatists at New Plymouth Colony and the Puritans of the MA Bay Colony---emphasizing not only different religious viewpoints, but also social status, education, skill sets, and who came as headright vs indentured servant. We are presently zeroing in on the extreme strictness of the Puritans (and since the students have been learning about irony in LA, they caught on rather quickly), but how such motivated the creation of the other three NE colonies. We have also been investigating the men and woman that were those colonies' founding motivators. Also, how their ideas have ended up in State and USA documents such as the Constitution.

While we will still be expanding the colonies into the Middle and Southern sections, we will begin the individual/differentiated powerpoint/report project on the American Revolution.