Nimzal- Nick Mauldin


In Brazil, Venezuela, parts of Columbia, Bolivia and Paruguay

About Nimzal

Population- 457,603,002

Capital- Nimzal City

Type of Gov.- Federal Democracy

Political leader- President

Literacy rate- 99.2%

Type of economy- Mixed

Currency and flag

Natural Resources & Industries & Trading Partners

Nat. Resources- Wood, gold, iron, oil, copper, tobacco, coffee, chocolate

Industries- Cars (only the awesome ones- they run on air power, as long as there is air in my country they run), glass, Buildings, roads, Weapons, Construction tools

Trading Partners- US, Great britain, France, Germany, China, Christian Land, Hocanla, Torforka

Agriculture- Wheat, corn, oranges, sugar cane

Imports & Exports

Imports- Electronical devices, Silver, Toys

Exports- Wood, Cars, Oil, Weapons, Tobacco, Coffee