Mary Longworth.


There are literally a million words that could describe each and every one of us. Only a few are mentioned here though.








I know, it only said five. But I'm more of an over-achiever than a perfectionist. One of the people we would in slang terms, call a "try hard".


Truthfully, I tend to over explain. And exaggerate things, make things go a little too sarcastic than they really should be.






-Moving on.

The words describe a lot, and here, I would just tell you to move on and keep reading elsewhere. Just so you aren't too bored reading about how boring this is.

My Animal.

Yes, my animal is a beaver. I find it odd myself in all truth. I even re-took the test and my results came out just the same.. Going on with the subject, I am organized and a planned most of the times. They're known as perfectionists and good ones at it. They're often based on if they're intelligence takes affect on how they build, or if they're just built to be good at what they do. Your blonde jokes can be put on hold because beavers are possibly not the smartest creatures you'll find. They tend to be killed in their own lumberjacking accidents when it comes to bringing trees down...

Even if you may now think it comes down to stupidity, Beavers are a bit more intelligent then I may have led you to think. They are skill builders, animals of pure nature inhabitance, and learn how to adapt to environments.

Possible Careers.

I plan to follow a career in the medical profession, yet my animal says it wouldn't be something the beaver is particularly good at... The careers it shows for me though are:






-Naval Officer.


In my perspective though, these jobs don't match me one bit. I'd be better off going with a job in a hospital such as a surgeon or nurse. On the other hand working in a restaurant is also a career I would look into.


At this time in my life, there are no hobbies to really look into or say that I have. Art, cooking, socializing within my comfort zone are all some. But nothing as active as I can say I used to be. School is almost like a hobby in my opinion. I love it. I pursue it. I succeed. All children should probably think this way when it comes to work, but everyone knows we're all about our cellular devices and computers.

Music is every teenagers way to get away from the world for awhile. It's a hobby though because talent comes into play as well. I used to play instruments, now I play the earphones, but that doesn't mean I won't get back into what I used to love.

My Influence.

There really won't be any influence. I can't say that I'm going to be able to help anyone with learning in this class unless a personal scaled kind of relationship and one-on-one speaking can be used. To be blunt, I'm very shy, plus I don't like getting to know people. But as we know, possibilities are limitless. We all have to look forward and let the people who will deceive us and then move on. It's practically a long painful cycle and influencing each other is both a positive and negative outcome.

You could say this is where you use the term, "YOLO". But that'd be a disruptively horrible way to describe it. Just believe in what you can accomplish, pursue the belief, take initiative and influence yourself on the possibilities.

Quotes are very inspiring to the brain. When you read one it feels as if you're endless, as if you can achieve anything. This is one thing I love due to the way it would just make a regular person feel. They give you the feeling of inspiration which leads to success and achievement if you strive for it.