MJHS Growth Competition

3rd Nine Weeks Standards Mastery

Part One- Student Growth

Step One- "Strive For Twenty"

  • Students are going to be encouraged to "Strive For Twenty". Their goal is to find 20 questions that they can answer correctly on each of their benchmarks

Step Two- First Ten Questions

  • Students will be invited to attend a Movie Day on Friday, March 18th during 4th block if they get 10 questions correct on 3 of the 4 benchmarks.

Step Three- Prizes for Answering 20 Questions Correctly

  • Students will receive a pair of headphones or a selfie stick if they can find 20 questions and answer them correctly.

Step Four- THE BIG PRIZE!!

  • In addition to the movie and headphones, students will also receive a ticket for every 10 questions they answer correctly on any one benchmark. The ticket will be used to enter them into a drawing. We will randomly draw 5 students and these 5 students will get to go to Shoe Carnival and pick out a pair of shoes.

Part Two- Teacher Incentive

The five teachers with the highest percentage of proficient students (an average of all your classes) will be able to chose from one of these options...

1. Sleep In! ( An administrator will teach your first block class one day- you can sleep in!)

2. Leave Early! (An administrator will teach your fourth block class one day- you can leave early!)

3. Lunch Break! (An administrator will teach your third block- go enjoy lunch off campus!)