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To read or not to read

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At a Pen's Point or Brush's Tip

Writing is a miraculous, magical thing, that just happens at a pen's point or a brush's tip. Anyone and everyone is able to write. That is what make it so diverse. But what the true amazing accomplishment is that of the writer, to read and of course poetic manner. I am presenting you from a writer's mind, "Writing" by Howard Nemerov -- a less know novelist and poet. In the poem, Nemerov explains how amazing our world is with all the different languages and words we have. How not every language means the same thing. Nemerov talks in awe about how big the world is.

It is as though the world is a great writing

Sydney's reading

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 8am

Mr. Vollrath's room

Come one, come all to see the dramatic tear jerking recital of "Writing" by Howard Nemerov. I put a dramatic twist upon the thought provoking poem.