Help Wanted:Cowboy's needed


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1st we have to talk about the cattle drive you get to move the cattle to the east to sell.It takes about 2-4 months.
2nd this is a very dangerous job so be careful.You get paided $40 every month white or black and You work for the cattle ranchers.
3rd we have the trails you go on the trails during the cattle drive.At the end of the cattle drive you sell the cattle and head back home.In all the cattle drive you move about 2,000 to 3,000 cattle each cattle drive
4th don't mess up if one thing bad happens verything bad happens.If you want get rich make sure none of the cattle get away because if one goes they will all go
5th your a cowboy now your gonna need to dress like one.Your gonna need a hat,rope,vest,chaps,boots,spurs,and a bandanna.For your horse you will need a saddle.