Team Gilded LilyDots

You are aMAYzing! A look back at what YOU DID!

Team Sales = $23,695

We had the highest amount of qualified stylists ($500 retail) ever! We had 14!!

May Top in Sales

Hope Cole

#1 - $5,717

Beat my May sales in June, and I will take you to lunch and mani/pedi!

#5 - Jessica Thomas $1,461

#6 - Rebecca Kirkpatrick $1,356

#7 - Sally Essig $1,030

#8 - Ann Driver $1,026

#9 - Lesli Reeves $962

#10 - Lynn Weber $952

#11 - Kathy Whitehurst $911

Congrats to Jessica Thomas on her promotion to LEAD STYLIST!

Top in Sponsorship

Happenings this Month:

All Things Hoopla: It's not too late to register for our largest event in Vegas, baby! July 15-17. Congrats to all of you who have registered and decided to build your business big! I have reserved two adjoining rooms. Our rate is $99 per night. RPlease let me know if you need a room or plan to go but haven't registered yet. We are planning several fun dinners, luncheons, and pool cabana time and need a head count. Another little surprise, we have a cabana reserved for Monday morning with 2 other Director teams for pool time and drinks before the fashion show!!! I will also be doing a team dinner and blow outs and the dry bar as an incentive.

All Things Booking: How awesome to sell $1k and earn $100 product credits toward the new fall line?!!! It's unlimited! I am shooting to sell $5k this month and I don't know about you, but I would love an extra $500 toward the fall line! GO FOR IT! what do you have to lose? I bet if you invite every dream hostess to share in the style and she get's the extra $50 for hosting, you would have a full calendar by July 1st!

All Things Sponsoring: Let's continue our sponsoring trend! Make a big list of 10-20 ladies who are dream stylists for your team. Think outside the box. Then reach out and offer them an opportunity to do what we do! Aren't you glad someone talked to you about Stella & Dot? :) Share this video with them:

Every time you sponsor someone this month and she goes on to qualify ($500) you get another $100 in Product Credits! I have 8 potentials I am reaching out to because I want them to enjoy this business the way we have/do. I have nothing to lose in asking them!!! What are your sponsoring goals?

Get to your local team meeting! These are a great way to meet local stylists, bounce ideas and meet friends who are in the same towns as you working the business! At this month's meeting you will see the new tote line and jewels, scarves in person! We will be hosting pop up shops in major cities all month long with advertising in People magazine, local news stations, etc. The Savannah pop up shop will the week of June 24 at Fab'rik. More details to come.


How exciting and fun to reach out to customers with dot dollars. Each time they spend $50, they get $25 dot dollars to redeem the first week of July on jewelry. Don't you love that the company is pushing to sell out of the retired sale pieces with this to help you earn more commission in the first week of July (historically our slowest week of the year) by redeeming dot dollars. They are always thinking about US!

Team Incentive

This month is all about the circle of success! Book, Sell and Sponsor! So I want to reward each of those efforts. Every stylist on our team who books and holds 4 qualified trunk shows this month will receive a new, statement necklace from the Fall Collection on me! Every stylist who sponsor 2+ stylists, will win a Blow Out and Lunch on me at Hoopla in Vegas...PLUS their new stylists win it, too! Can't make it to Hoopla? You should! :) But if you can't, I will do blow outs and lunch in your town in July with you and your new stylists! Can't sponsor 2 new stylist, but get 1? I will reward you with a $50 Stella & Dot gift card! A reminder for the BIG KAHUNA prize... Anyone who promotes to STAR by June 30th, will win an iPad Mini from me!! Good luck ladies! xo