Don't Judge a Book by its Cover


One of the main characters in this book is a girl named Stargirl. Stargirl was different from all of the other kids because of her personality. She also did not care what other thought of her. Sometimes she would leave a presant on someones door step and not say who it was from. Stargirl taught me thats it is ok to be differant from everybody else. Another main character in this book is Archie. Archie was a man that some  of the kids whent to when they had any type of wierd question. Archie also collected animal bones. On Saturdays the kids would go to his house because he had a club called the Stone Bone Club.

Kids Pick

My favorite part of the book was when Stargirl when to the Ocotilo Ball. This was my favorite part becuase most of the kids started to like her again and they all joined in on the Bunny Hop. Also because Stargirl stood on her own and whent to the ball even though she was not asked by anyone.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone.(22) I bolted from the truck.(22) The cheerleaders gaped from the side line.(23) Other hands were snatching at the mike.(67) Kevin was at the gate windmilling his arm.22)


Stargirl. This book is about a girl named Stargirl. From the day she arrived at Mica Area Highschool everybody knew she was different. Stargirl is different from everybody else mostly because of her personality also because she played her ukulele to the other kids on their birthday, gave people presants that were not sighned from her and, also beacause she would drop money on the ground for little kids to pick up. One day Leo folowed her to see where she would go. Ever since then Leo had always had a crush on her. A few weeks later Leo Whent to Stargirls house and they kissed. The next day at school they were seen as boyfriend and girlfriend. When it came time for the Ocotillo Ball Leo did not ask Stargirl to go. Insead he rode his bike to the ball and watched what the kids were doing. All of the sudden he saw Stargirl arrive. The next day when he went to school she was gone.

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