Middle East News

By: Rachel Carhart

Old? Or New?

Older selection of Algerian cities is called a casbah. Some people might think that because it is older that is more apart of the city and other people might say to have it more modernize. People still like to walk down the narrow streets, shopping to bargain with merchants in bazaars.


Mineral salt used in fertilizers. This salt is still around but it helped Egyptians in the older days to grow crops.

Would you share your ground?

Settlement in Israel where people share property and produce goods is called a kibbutz. Many people join together to grow and sell crops, but some people might produce goods such as clothing and electronic equipment.

Good? or Bad?

The Answan Dam is an embankment dam located across the Nile River in Answan, Egypt. The dam has good qualities like the control of the dam allows farmers two or three crops per year plus it can store water for months. Although it can do many things there are a couple of down sides, like dams block the flow of silt and it prevents less water from reaching the delta.

Suez Canal

Three interesting facts about the Suez Canal is that it is one of the worlds most important waterways, it separates the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt and, ships use the canal to pass from the Meditteranian Sea to the Red Sea.

Egypt's Crops

Crops are crucial to survival in any date or year or anything so here are three crops from Egyptian times. Three of Egypts main crops are cotton, cotton yarn, and clothing.
Timelapse of sailing down the Suez Canal