The Creation of the American System

Austin Rose

Why was it necessary?

The American system was created to boost the American patriotism and productivity.

After the war of 1812, the economy in the northern states was struggling because of the embargo that was placed. The American system provided improvement to transportation and roads.

Nationalism vs. Sectionalism

Nationalists believed that national interests should be placed before the regional interests.

Sectionalists believed that regional rights should be focused on before the national interests.

Key Components of the American system.

The American system called a tariff to promote American industry, along with the tariff, the American system established a national bank as well as improvements to canals and roads.

Henry Clay biography

Henry Clay was born on April 12, 1777 and was a 5 time Presidential candidate who failed all 5 times. He was one of the War Hawks from the south. He played huge role in the creation of the American system. Although he never became president he played a big part in unifying the nation.