Robotics Engineering

Creativity and Innovation

What is Robotics Engineering?

Robotics engineering is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation from people with a background in mechanical, electrical, or software engineering.

My Motivation

  • Give humans a better life in the future.

  • Providing robotic organs to victims of loss.

  • Help out in the country’s defense and offense.

  • Provide for the community.

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  • Earn Bachelor's, and if aiming to excel Masters.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
  • California Institute of Technology(CalTech)
  • Robotics engineers should be highly creative, self-motivated individuals with an ability to think outside the box.
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Working Conditions

  • 40 Hours Monday-Friday

  • For some projects, overtime work may be necessary to make sure that the job is completed by a deadline. Occasional travel may also be necessary. The typical day-to-day duties are often mentally draining and can sometimes be stressful. This is particularly true when strict deadlines are in place.


O*Net also published that the median salary earned by robotics engineers in 2012 was $92,030 a year.
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My Thoughts

I'm committed to pursuing this career because this is what the future is going to be about. Robots will be used for everyday things, that we perform ourselves. They will also be providing us safety. I want to build these machines which not just help us with safety, but with our everyday lives.