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Module 9: Electromagnetic Waves and Optics

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Emily Kroutil


Phone: 470-238-8663 (voicemail)

The resources in this newsletter are in addition to those found in MODULE 9: Electromagnetic Waves and Optics of your course content. You should first go through the content and complete the quizzes and activities. These resources are to supplement your understanding of the concepts. Please contact me if you have questions! In physics, it is essential that you understand these concepts before moving on.


DISCUSSION: Dangers of the Tanning Bed

  • Make sure you answer ALL questions in the prompt AND respond to two classmates.
  • You will only earn a maximum of 70% if you do not thoughtfully respond to two classmates.

TEST: Optics

Additional Resources

Ray Diagrams - Mirrors
Ray Diagrams - Lenses
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