The war of 1812

christian crabtree

Causes of the war of 1812

Cause#1 impressment British captured american ships and also kidnapped

Cause#2 Jefferson made a law called embargo to avoid war the law kept american ships safe

Cause#3 the war hawks wanted to attack great britian also the south west blamed the british

Cause#4 americans violated the treaty of Greenville and moved into indian land but the british still had forts in the west

Battles of 1812

War Declared: madison asked congress to declare war on britian Northern congress man federalist voted for no war the southern and western congressmen also the Democratic Republicans (War Hawks) voted for the Northern cities Called Mr Maddison's War

Battle of Baltimore: The British Navy tried to plan a attack on baltimore and was stopped at fort Mc Henry francis Scott key was inspired by the battle to write what is now called the "Star Spangled Banner" but the British ships fled And the Chesapeakebay was saved.

The Effects of the war of 1812

Economy: Factories grew during the war and america depended less on man factoring.

Polotics: William Henry Huris and Andrew Jackson became heros. The Federalist looked unpatriotic after the heart ford convection and died out.

Foreign Relations: Interantional respect america held become a world power.

Culture: America enters a period of nationalism Americans created a unique culture distant from Europe.