Being a Successful Businessman

Many want to be successful at business, but few know exactly how to go about doing so. Well our personal expert has been a successful real estate broker and mortgage broker for over 28 years. He is a straightforward guy who thinks that honest hard work is best practice. He was part of the National Honor Society and received a football scholarship to West Virginia State. He’s been honored for his real estate work several times over the course of his career. He helps his clients pay fewer taxes up front while increasing future cash flow. When he is not hard at work for one of his clients, you can find him hunting, hanging out with friends, boating, or out in the countryside with his dog, gathering cattle. Born in 1963 to a loving mother and father, he grew up in Florida where he played baseball, soccer, and football as a young boy. Before he became a real estate broker and mortgage broker, he worked in construction with his father who was a general contractor. He specializes in capital gains tax problems and is entirely focused on making his clients money. for three consecutive years in 1987, 1988, and 1989.

Not only is William Glenn Johns a dedicated mortgage broker and businessman, but he is a loyal husband and father. Some of those awards include Mortgage Broker of the Year from Mortgage Finance Funding, Inc. he is the straightforward businessman that everyone wants to call a friend at the end of the day. The experience that he brings to the table is unrivaled by others in his field and area. He says that doing well in business is mostly about honesty and integrity, as most people are intelligent and respect those who treat them as such. An honest business is a good business.