Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

IRP by Kayla Boyer

Key Difference #1

The movie completely deleted the character Mr. Black. In the book, Mr. Black travels around the city with Oskar and helps him find the thing that could be opened with the key that his father left behind. In the movie Oskar's grandfather is the one that helped him out. The lack of this character helped Oskar build a relationship with his grandfather.

Key Difference #2

This also has to do with Oskar's grandfather. The movie eliminated the grandmother and the grandfather's narration. The movie portrayed them as minor roles, which was what they should have been. The grandparents were not a very important part of the novel which is why it was a good idea to delete their whole narration. Oskar's story is the story that the audience is focused on because of the elimination.

Key Difference #3

The ending is a bit different in the movie than it was in the novel. In the movie, Oskar finally finds the last piece to a puzzle that his father riddled him with before he passed away. This added scene gives the movie a sense of hope that sticks with its viewers.