Genghis Khan

The empire and its reign

The size of the empire

  • Largest empire in known history.
  • expanded as far as current day Korea
  • 11-12 million square miles
  • started with about 1 million people from tribes on the steppe.

The man behind the empire

  • Real name is Temujin
  • Born with a blood clot in his hand
  • Father was poisoned by a rivle tribe when he was nine
  • Married at 16 to Borte
  • He rescued her from kidnapping and soon after had a son
  • people doubt the kid to be his, he accepted him as his own anyways.
  • He was shortly enslaved when he was in his twenties
  • His assent to power was slow at the beginning

what some people believe him to look like

How the empire grew

  • Made the preexisting empire safer.
  • First step of expansion was in the Xi Xia kingdom.
  • had a series of small raids to gain a foothold.
  • took a large step that placed him in front of Yinchuan (the capital of Xi Xia empire).
  • The army was almost entirely cavalrymen.
  • After this victory, they continued to raid other empires.

Genghis Khans death

  • He returned to the Xi Xia kingdom.
  • In combat a horse through him to the ground.
  • The impact on the ground caused damage internally.
  • With his injuries he continued to fight in the campaign.
  • He died from the injuries on August 18, 1227.
  • His final resting place has never been located.
  • His children took over and continued to expand
  • They even invaded Japan
  • The empire came to ruins in the 14th century.


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