Team Josh

December 8, 2015

Josh is a very special little boy that entered our classroom this year and has changed our hearts forever. Josh has brain cancer and is not responding to the treatment plan. He has been on Chemotherapy, Radiation, and is on some heavy medication. The Cancer has spread to other parts of his brain.

His family had bracelets made with "Team Josh" on them and those quickly sold out. Since then I have made new bracelets for Team Josh. I ordered 400 hoping to sell out of those as well. We are selling these bracelets for $2 each if you are interested. You have already done so much to help this family so please don't think I am pressuring you. I just wanted to make you aware of everything going on. Some of your children have asked to take some bracelets to sell at church, in the neighborhood, and amongst family members. If you are okay with that, I can send some bracelets home with your kids so they can do that. I have seen these amazing third graders reach out in extra special ways to help Josh. The compassion has been overwhelming! The donations have been amazing. Please know the bracelet cost was donated so 100% of the proceeds are going to his family.

I am working with our school counselor and principal to know how to best handle this situation with the class. I have not disclosed the information I have shared with you in this email with the kids yet. There is a news clip of Josh's story and how the Panthers have reached out to help his family if you would like to view that. I am requesting the file now, but you can find it on Facebook under Jenna Caiazzo Fox 46's page. You can also like the Team Josh page to view it.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

Team Josh Bracelets

$2 each

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GoFundMe Page

If you would like to share this link for donations to the family, here is the GoFundMe page link: