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August 24th, 2020

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Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you well and jumping for joy as we celebrate making it through our first week of virtual learning! I am impressed with the teachers and all students who adapted to the different demands of our new learning platform.

With that being said, our teachers spent the first days discussing online etiquette for virtual learning with our students. I have to say, they are doing an awesome job of following expectations and being respectful of the learning environment. As parents/guardians, we also have a role to play in cultivating a positive learning environment for our students and our dedicated teachers.

Something to consider when at home with your children as they are navigating Google Meets with their teachers and peers is to allow the teacher to conduct the online classroom as if they were in a brick and mortar setting. This means but is not limited to: refrain from interrupting a teacher’s lesson/instruction, allow the teacher to discipline/manage students according to their management plan, be mindful of conferencing with a teacher only during their set office hours as to not take away from the instruction of other students. Ensure your attire and language is school appropriate, as other students and parents are watching. Lastly, allow your children to be as independent as possible throughout the day. This will be especially important as your children will soon be taking an online reading (i-Station) and math (i-Ready) assessment. Your child's teacher will be giving instructions starting next week. We want to know what your child can do on their own, this also lets teachers know what to focus on during instruction.

We understand this last part may be difficult due to the learning curve for technology, however, in 5 short days, I have seen our students make huge gains in the area of understanding technology and all it has to offer for learning purposes. Again, I am inspired by all our students and the strong effort/work they are putting forward. Thank you to all of you, our parents and guardians for supporting this new adventure, we couldn’t do it without you and your continued flexibility and grace.


Jolene Lincoln

Whitney Principal

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is available for curbside pick-up it is FREE but you must pre-order

If you plan on picking up lunch 11:00-12:00 or dinner 5:00-6:00 you MUST pre-order. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

This is available for all Boise School District students currently enrolled on Boise Online School OR while we are Virtual.

Annual Notification Regarding Public Release of Student Directory Information

The Boise School District complies with federal law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) as it relates to the release of student directory information to the public. To learn more, log on to www.boiseschools.org and navigate to Parents & Patrons > Parent Information > FERPA Form. Or, please call the Clerk of the Board at 208-854-4123 to obtain a copy of the FERPA form.

Whitney Community School Pantry is Now Open!

During these hard times, if you find yourself in the need of support services such as food, clothing, school supplies, community referrals, and computer access for housing/job opportunities please contact me, Susan Dennis, to set up an appointment.

Susan.dennis@boiseschools.org or 208-900-7106

We are all in this together.

Free Online English (ESL) Classes for Parents/ Adults

Morning Classes:

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Time: 9:30 am-11:45 am

Evening Classes:

Days: Tuesday and Thursdays

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Classes start September 8th. Enroll anytime.

Click Here to Sign Up!

OR call Alyson Tolman 208.562.2024

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Boise Pre-K Project at Whitney

We are looking for three and four year-olds to join our classes!

What will children do at preschool?

play, sing, listen to stories, create art, learn ABCs and 123s, work on literacy skills, make friends

Is your child ready for preschool?

  • Child must have reached age 3 by September 1, 2020.

  • Child must be independent in the bathroom.

  • Child must attend at least 90% of the time.

  • The family must provide transportation to and from school.

  • If you live outside the Hawthorne or Whitney attendance area boundaries, you will need to demonstrate financial need. (Qualifying for free or reduced lunch.)

Preschool Information:

  • There is no cost for this program.

  • We offer an AM class (8:40 - 11:30) and a PM class (12:30 - 3:15), similar to kindergarten. Classes will begin online.

  • Our classes meet 5 days a week, and we follow the Boise School District calendar.

  • If you are interested in our preschool program please fill out the interest form and turn it into the office.

For more information contact Shelia Dengler-Shaw at shelia.denglershaw@boiseschools.org or 208-854-6580.

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