Culture of Botswana

The People

Although English is the official language, most people speak Setswana. The religion is mainly Christianity. Western dress is very common. Urban men wear business suits and ties and women wear fashionable dresses or a skirt and a blouse, some young women wear pants. People also display their polotical party's colors through clothing.

Life Style

Botswana enjoys visting,dancing, singing, and playing sports like soccer, track-and-field, softball, volleyball, and netball. Botswana people celebrate New Year, Easter, Christmas, and more.


Botswana has a president that is the head of state and government, and is elected to a five year term. The voting age is 18. Very few people have phones and a minority have cars. Botswana wants all kids to go to school.


In Botswana failing to greet someone is rude. To show respect, one shakes with right had while supporting one's elbow with the left hand. In rural and and urban areas people usually share food with each other. Eat their meals with plates or bowls is normal.