Population Growth and Poverty

How population growth affects poverty

How does population growth affect poverty you may ask? But first what is poverty?Its the state of being extremely poor.Poverty is a big problem because it has bad effect on people who are suffering from poverty.For example there children can die or stay poor.But if you have a city or countries population grow that can make poverty poor common.Back to the first question.How does population growth affect poverty?It affects poverty because the more people there is the less amount of jobs there will be.Which makes that some people can't work for money.Which could cause them to become poor.Did you know 36.8% of americans suffer from poverty 15% adults and 21.8% children.

Chad Suffers From Poverty

More specific a poor country in Africa called Chad suffers from poverty.The population is about 9 million in 2003.Which was when over half of the population were below the poverty line.But now the population is about 13 million.But the good news is the poverty precent went down.

With all the bad news lets hear some good news.There is a organization called christ centered that helps people suffering from poverty.There helping about 20 countries so far.So thats how population growth affects poverty.