What Exactly Does it Take? created by: Allison Jefferson

What are the requirements to become a nutritionist or a dietitian?

A Bachelors Degree is needed. Therefore, at least four years of college and a possible internship are necessary. Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, and Biochemistry, and even Organic Chemistry should be taken at the college level. Because this profession requires a Bachelor's Degree, it will take 4+ years of schooling to become certified.

The man pictured is Kim Kardashian's personal nutritionist.

What do dietitians and nutritionists make?

$56,300 is the average salary. Dietitians and nutritionists who are not "salaried" make around $27.07 hourly.

What is the job satisfaction of a dietitian or a nutritionist?

People who are in this career get high amounts of satisfaction out of helping others make their life healthy, but they often complain that the pay does not match up with the hours they put in.