Class of 2023 Counseling Update

February 2023

Hello Senior Class!

You're starting your LAST SEMESTER OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!

Keep checking your PowerSchool, attending your classes, and working through your assignments on Schoology.

If you did not pass required courses for graduation, make sure you sign up for our evening school credit recovery program! Ask me for more details!

If you don't have your service learning hours complete, I have options for you to complete those online on the CRHS Service Learning Schoology group.

FAFSA IS NOW OPEN AND DUE BY MARCH 1ST! Everyone should complete this to maximize their financial aid possibilities! See below for more information.

Your college applications should pretty much be done at this point. Please keep telling me about your acceptances! I love to hear about them!

There are so many scholarships open and available right now! Check out the list on the CRHS website and my Class of 2023 Schoology group for the most updated list with all the links.

If you decide that college isn't right for you now, please know that I am available even after you graduate to help you with your future.

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Ms. Reed's Class of 2023 Schoology Group

All students have been added to my Schoology group! This group has tons of resources about applying to college, getting financial aid, scholarships, etc.
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Apply to College

Financial Aid

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How do I start getting money for college?

In October, the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) opened. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD COMPLETE THIS PROCESS. It doesn't matter how much your parents and/or you make. This is the first step in helping paying for college.

FASFA requires a lot of financial information, so start getting that information together soon.

What happens after I complete FASFA?

You'll receive a Student Aid Report that gives your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This number helps determine what grants and loans you may qualify for as well as information about that aid. When the state of Maryland reviews your EFC, it will offer you other grants and loans as well.

What about scholarships?

Scholarships will help you pay for whatever isn't covered by the loans and grants you may receive through financial aid. Ms. Reed will email information about scholarships as she receives them. Apply to as many as you can!

I need help?

The Financial Aid Office at Chesapeake College will help you do your FAFSA for FREE! Just make an appointment with them for a Friday.
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FAFSA Overview


All scholarships are now on our school website at