The Howler

Newsletter of the Wolf Gang Advisory - Volume 1, Issue 4


Here is one amazing list: an evolving crime scene, a rebuilt Mustang, pregame ball handling workouts, rifle team equipment, music, personality tests, unique graphic designs, and interesting stories about large animals. What do they all have in common? They are just a sample of the pure awesomeness of the Wolf Gang. I could not be more proud of the Wolf Gang and their individual exhibitions. Students shared their passions, talents, and uniqueness like I have never witnessed within a classroom. It was amazing!

No School: Fall Break Oct. 17th - 21st

Be sure to Sharpen The Saw as we have a week off from school. Wolf Gang members are not required to attend their intern sites during the break.

Wolf Gang Pot Luck Lunch

Friday, Oct. 28th, 11:30pm

1361 Frankfort Road

Shelbyville, KY

We will host our pot-luck lunch on the Friday that we return from fall break. School lunch will be served from 11-11:25, then we will return to The Den and build community as we share some amazing family meals. Feel free to bring in any dish that you wish - I won't stop you. I will ask the Wolf Gang members to sign-up for food/utensils during Advisory on Oct. 24th. Talk to your Wolf Gang member over fall break to give them ideas/options for the sign-up.

National Bosses Day

October 16th is National Bosses Day! Also, the moon's phase will be full on this day. *crickets* Hopefully we all survive.
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Check Out Some Of The Amazing Businesses Hosting Our Wolf Gang Members

Report Cards

Every Wolf Gang member received a hard copy of their report card on October 14th. Please ask to see them. Shelby County Public Schools and Big Picture Learning Academy are committed to mastering standards, thus you will see scores reported on a standards-based grading scale. Please view the video below, or visit the link to learn more about standards-based grading.
SCPS Standards Based Grading - Small Talk Series (Martin)

Mr. Cottle

Wolf Gang Advisor and social studies instructor at Shelby Co. Big Picture Learning Academy